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When you’re expecting a new addition to the family in the form of a beautiful baby boy or girl, preparing for Baby’s arrival can be both a joyful and stressful experience.  Between choosing colors for the nursery, picking out baby clothes and finding the right crib for your new son or daughter, it’s no wonder that new parents often complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything they need to do!

However, while you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby, it’s important to give significant thought to the items that you’re putting in to your child’s nursery.  From the quilts that will lull your child to sleep to the baby monitors that will keep you on the alert for any suspicious noises, you can’t afford to skip on quality, especially when it comes to your baby’s bedding.

If you’re concerned about the kind of bedding that belongs in your child’s crib, then you’ll be interested to know all about one of the most popular – and best of all, safest – trends in baby bedding.

That’s right: we’re talking about natural crib mattresses.

It’s no secret that ordinary mattresses are manufactured using lots of harmful chemicals and materials. While many of these chemicals may not outwardly harm your child, the remnants of the manufacturing process can create tiny irritants that will make your newborn’s nights more uncomfortable – and as a new parent who needs all the sleep that you can get, you can’t afford to buy bedding that works against you in lulling your child off to sleep!  Additionally, the cheap material that’s used to create these factory-made mattresses are riddled with allergens, which can be highly risky for babies who already suffer from allergies.  Worst of all, these are the same allergens that can encourage the development of asthma in your bundle of joy.

Where cheap crib mattresses fail considerably, natural crib mattresses make up for in style, substance and safety.  Natural crib mattresses are made from the finest organic materials possible, so you’ll rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping in the midst of some of Mother Nature’s finest material.  From organic cotton to silky linen, even the fussiest baby will fall asleep on a natural crib mattress that feels just like a cloud.  Additionally, you can be sure that natural crib mattresses contain no allergens, which is vital for babies who may already have sensitive immune systems. Even if your baby doesn’t suffer from allergies, a natural crib mattress will ensure that your child isn’t made uncomfortable by any irritants in his or her nursery.  

Natural crib mattresses also have an even greater benefit than cheap-quality mattresses: since organic mattresses are made from natural materials like wool, this means that your baby will be protected from any moisture that might occur from nighttime accidents.  Simply put, natural crib mattresses ensure that there’s a protective barrier of comfort and warmth always surrounding your child – in fact, your newborn will think he or she is enveloped in a warm hug from Mommy and Daddy!

Remember, when shopping for a crib mattress, you’ll want to make sure that you have the exact measurements of your crib with you.  This is to ensure that the mattress you purchase is a perfect fit for your crib so as to minimize any suffocation risks that might occur from the baby getting caught in the sides.  Once you’ve finally purchased the right natural crib mattress for your nursery, you can rest easy knowing that your bundle of joy will sleep soundly each and every night!

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