Camouflage That Baby Bump by Wearing Versatile Maternity Clothes


Most women need different sets of clothes during pregnancy and after they have given birth. Purchasing different sets of clothes can get very expensive. Most women resort to wearing baggy, shapeless clothing during their pregnancy and may even wear those clothes even after they have given birth.

Although wearing these clothes can be very convenient, these shapeless clothes would not look good or even complement their newly-acquired shape. A handy solution to this is for women to shop for clothes that they can wear during pre- and post-pregnancies. This is possible through the efforts of clothing companies that have designed fashionable maternity wear for pregnant ladies that they can easily turn into versatile nursing wear.

If you’re stumped on what you can wear during this rewarding moment in life, you can look for stores that offer these clothes. Here are some of their most common maternity clothes and nursing wear that you can use all year round.

2 in 1 Empire Cut Tunic
This stylish tunic can be paired with skinny stretchy trousers or can be turned into a dress after giving birth. The expanded waistline is great for mums who are at the third term of pregnancy. These tunics have V necklines and puff sleeves that are gathered at the elbows. Many of these tunics are made of spandex, which can cool mums down during the summer. Go for red and pink this season for a splash of colour.

2 in 1 Breastfeeding and Maternity Clothes
These clothes are great during those autumn and winter months as these are available in long sleeves. These dresses are made of rayon, polyester, and Lurex which are perfect for chilly seasons. These can also be matched with tights and knee-high boots. Pregnant and nursing mothers can look for dark-coloured dresses which can hide any bulge here and there. In addition, it also has a well-placed opening to facilitate breastfeeding without all its hassles and embarrassing peek-a-boos.

Printed Maternity + Nursing Dress
During spring and summer, women choose a printed sundress. The hemline of this dress should fall mid-thigh, making it very versatile and comfortable. This can be worn as is, or with white trousers or Capri pants. Go for pastel colours or lighter hues of red, blue, or gray. In addition, these maternity/ nursing dresses also have side openings that mums can easily move aside to feed their babies.

Oversized, But Chic
Mums can still wear baggy, but stylish clothes. These maternity clothes and nursing wear have oversized funnel necks, while the banded hem and length that reach the hips can be easily expanded during the course of the pregnancy. Breastfeeding is a breeze with the side openings.

These clothes are available in assorted colours which will suit any woman’s individual taste and size. These are also great for women who want to keep those unsightly bulges in check and concealed with smart designs. Purchasing clothes that one can wear during and after pregnancy is a good way to save money and still remain stylish.

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Source by Nicole S Bousson

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